Our Team

We are a group of creative who loves technology a lot. Every single day, we get out of bed with the excitement of new ideas & projects, and we set sail for a new adventure knowing that there is no limit to what we can do.

Sedat Yusuf Ergüneş
Emine Gürcü
UI/UX Designer
Nezih Darçın
Digital Marketing Specialist
Deniz Öztürk
Laravel Developer
Tahir Ayan
Front-End Developer
Buğra Akdemir
Senior Graphic Designer


Our team has various designers, programmers, and engineers who are experts in their areas. With the strength of the synergy we have created between us by working together for many years, we can easily manage and complete short or long-term projects.

Kubilay Salih
Software Developer
Yasin Solak
React Native Developer
Hasan Yılmaz
Salih Ceyhun Yılmaz
Account Manager
Ersin Doğu Aslan
Graphic Designer
Adil Öztaşer
Full-Stack Developer

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